Day Pass for Unregistered Visitors to Sunset Shores

Sunset Shores is excited to introduce the Day Pass for family and friends who want to visit you and use the amenities for the day!

Management approval is required to obtain the Day Pass. Some unfortunate circumstances can arise when unregistered guests begin using the property including: parked cars blocking the street, excessive strain on the seasonal septic system, registered guests from other cottages do not get to enjoy the amenities due to unregistered guests occupying the property, etc.

Day Pass Fees

Ages 6 and up $20

Ages 5 and below free

Please contact Sunset Shores at 989-386-7030 to coordinate your day passes. You will need to know how many people in each age group and what days of the week your visitors plan to be present. Management will look at current bookings to make sure that all guests at Sunset Shores will have the chance to enjoy their day at the lake.

Each cottage has a limit of 6 people whether they are sleeping in the cottage or just visiting for the day. If you are renting a cabin, your guest much purchase a day pass. Any day visitors or sleepover guests must be approved by Management first. Your guests will check in with Management at the main house.

Cost: $20 per person per day This allows your guest to use our amenities.

RV's - those that have friends or family that want to bring their RV, that is fine. The cost is $20 per person per day. Rules: a family or friend must be renting a cottage for the guests to bring their RV to stay.

Example: You rent cottage #4 & you have 5 people staying with you during your stay. The new policy means that you are only allowed 1 extra person since you already have 5 (includes day visitors) . If you only booked for 2 people then you can have 4 extra people. Limit is 6 per cottage (includes day visitors).

We do have wristband passes that will be handed out by Management for your guests.

Parking is limited so this will also help to coordinate parking issues. Many benefits to having the new DAY PASSES at Sunset Shores!